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India ranked 3rd in WTTC’s Travel and Tourism Power and Performance ranking.

India is ranked 3rd among the top countries that have seen the largest growth in the travel and tourism’s contribution to GDP over the past 7 years i.e. from 2011 to 2017.

In 2017, Travel & Tourism contributed an additional US$1.7 trillion to the GDP compared to seven years earlier. India, which came third in the power ranking of tourism GDP, has a Travel & Tourism sector that is dominated by its domestic market to the same degree as China.

 The ranking was based on the WTTC's annual economic impact data across four main indicators.

- Total Contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

- Visitor Exports (international tourism spend)

-Domestic Spending, and

-Capital Investment.

The ranking was made absolutely on the size and speed of growth, to create two separate ranking – Power and Performance ranking.

China took the first place in the ranking list, driven by the strongest absolute growth out of all countries in three indicators – GDP growth, domestic spending, and investment growth.

The USA (with the largest total Travel & Tourism GDP) and India comfortably took the second and third place.

 Mexico, a well-established Travel & Tourism economy, came fourth, driven by a strong performance across all four indicators.

Concisely, The country with the greatest absolute levels of growth continues to be China, where change on most metrics over the past seven years dwarfs that of many other countries. Together with China, the USA, India, Mexico, and the UK make up the top five placed countries in power rankings across all measures combined in the report.