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Modi on a mission to transform India into an excellent tourism destination!

Tourism Destination can be conceptualized in many ways. They are often defined as the ‘pulling power’ or ‘magnetism’ that attracts tourist to a specific city or certain location. The creation of a distinctive destination which stands out in a competitive environment is important. The success of a destination relies on the development of the right products, deployment of effective mechanism and tools to support visitation and effective communications with the market.

A destination also needs to be planned to achieve sustainable tourism development that respects local community, create appropriate employment, maintains the natural environment, and delivers a quality visitor experience. When commercialized properly, a means of generating that stimulates economic growth is possible.

The World Tourism Destinations Forum 2018 (WTDF 2018), themed “BUILDING  AN OUTSTANDING WORLD-CLASS TOURISM DESTINATION”, is designed to provide an interactive platform for municipalities, city planning and development experts, tourism and hospitality products and services providers, government leaders, policy makers and captains of industry from across the region to converge; meet face to face to discuss a wide spectrum of issues pertaining to tourism destinations planning, development and management. This will be an ideal platform to share practical frameworks and best practices at the same time discover and capitalize on the rise of digital technologies in tourism destination planning, development, management, and marketing. WTDF 2018 will also serve as a platform to connect, explore and align goals, objectives and business model as part of the tourism destination ecosystem reliance.