Balasinor, locally known as Vadasinor, was founded by Sardar Mohammad Khanji of Babi Dynasty of Junagarh. Located in the Kheda district of Gujarat, Balasinor is renowned for its abundant supply of limestone, granite, quartzite, and black trap. Winter is the best season to visit this place asat this time to the temperature ranges between 12’c to 28’c.

Garden Palace

Build in the 18th century by Mohammad Munawar Khanji Babi, the Garden Palace ranks among the best heritage hotels in the world. This residence of the Royal family is famous for its warm hospitality, beautiful garden & mouthwatering cuisines of Gujarat. So, do visit Garden Palace on your trip to Balasinor.

Fossil Park

Known as the Jurassic Park of India, Fossil Park is located in the outskirts of Balasinor.

In 1980 geologists of the Geological Survey of India discovered well-preserved bones and eggs of dinosaurs, which died 65 million years ago. Till now fossils of 13 different species of dinosaurs have been found in the Raiyoli village of Balasinor. Fossils from Balasinor have been sent to different museums across the world.

A visit to this Fossils Park ranked as the 2nd largest site in the world will definitely take you to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs.


Came into the limelight for the Oscar-nominated movie Lagan (2001), Champaner is located 50 km away from Balasinor. Declared in 2004 as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Champaner is famous for old Hindu and Jain temples, mosques, and other historical edifices. Kalika Mata Temple & Jama Masjid located inside the Champaner – Pavagarh Archaeological Park is very popular among travelers.

Apart from this three famous places Ambaji Temple, Galteshwar Temple of Lord Shiva, Wanakbori Damon river Mahi and Rannchorji Temple of Lord Krishna at Dakor are also very well-known tourist spots of Balasinor.

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