As we all know that Gujarat is famous for its unique festival celebrations. In Gujarat we enjoy every festival like our own, then it could be from Uttrayan to Christmas. In same manner we have different folk dance which are Gujarat origined. There are five famous Folk dance of Gujarat.

1) Bhavai – It means emotions/feelings. The dance has been performed whole night without any stage equipment, by male, orgined from Asiat, a Brahmin north of Gujarat.

2) Dandiya – It’s a dance form which requires a partner to perform. Essential equipment are sticks. This form has been played before aarti. It represent the mock fight between the Goddess Durga and the Demon Mahishasura.

3) Garba –  It is the best ever dance form, which every age groups enjoy and can do it. Youngsters prefer fast rythm, aged slow and kids live every moment of 9 nights.

4) Padhar – This dance is performed by Padhar community to express delirium or exhilaration.

5) Tippani – A dance which belongs to Chorwad District. Women perform this dance to refresh there husband’s after a long journey from ocean. They use sticks & chanting and to produce music they use thali

Apart from above mentioned we have more folk dance to attract tourist. Like we have Supada dance performed in the honor of Ma Jagdambe, Dhamal dance performed by “Sidhi” a tribal community found in forestry areas.