The picturesque state of Gujarat, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant landscapes, is set to add a unique feather to its cap with the introduction of submarine tour in Bet Dwarka.

Dwarka is an ancient city in Gujarat, which is lost beneath the sea and is getting plenty of attention as it is going to be the spot for Submarine Tourism. A small island off the coast of Dwarka, Bet Dwarka is steeped in mythological significance and submerged mysteries waiting to be unveiled. in a groundbreaking move, the Gujarat government has partnered with Mazgaon Dockyard Limited to bring forth an underwater adventure that promises to redefine tourism in the region.

This underwater exploration will allow visitors to see some of the exotic marine species. As per the latest reports, the Gujarat government has recently signed a MoU(Memorandum of Understanding) with MDL(Mazgaon Dockyard Limited), offering a unique underwater experience. 

All this is going to take place at Bet Dwarka, which is a small island located off the coast of Dwarka, also known as the city of Lord Krishna, and Dwarka’s lost city, which has totally submerged in the Arabian Sea. 

The submarine, weighing approximately 35 tonnes, is designed to accommodate 30 passengers each granted a mesmerizing window view into the depths of the Arabian Sea at 300 feet. The seating arrangement is carefully crafted, with 24 passengers arranged in two rows, ensuring an immersive experience for all on board. The exploration promises glimpses of natural beauty, underwater landscapes, and perhaps even traces of the ancient Dwarka civilization,

The project has taken cues from the submersible expedition to the Titanic, the journey into the depths promises not only a visual spectacle but also a profound connection with Gujarat’s ancient past, making it a must-visit destination for adventurers and history enthusiasts. 

This project is believed to boost tourism in the region. 

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