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Overview of the entry process

Submitting a Pre Nomination is Easy and Simpler.Kindly follow the steps as outline below:-
  • Complete the Pre nomination entry form online or manual. (Pre Nomination form contains the three stages: Primary Stage, Secondary Stage & Payment Stage)
  • To Apply Online Form Kindly Click Here
  • To Apply Manual – Download the Form Click Here
  • Upload your submission with relevant documents or evidence of achievements or any other.
  • Pay the entry nomination fee through online / off line e.g. by Cheque / DD / Cash.
  • Successful Submitted & you will receive the confirmation email of your Pre nomination application.
Who can enter?

The Tourism Awards are open to any organization or individuals involved in travel and tourism in any part of the Gujarat, no matter how large or small the scale of operation. Details of which specific types of organization and individuals are eligible to enter each of the categories are set out in the Pre nomination form with categorize and its sub categorize. Or more information about the categories click on Awards (Click Here)

Eligibility period

Entries for the Tourism Awards 2017 must relate to projects, products, initiatives or activities carried out from last 3 years till current date. You can refer to prior periods, if it helps the judges to understand the activity in context, but entries will not be judged on past glories and achievements

Entry (Pre Nomination) fees Non Refundable

To enter the Tourism Awards you will need to pay the entry fee 4000 INR for each entry you make. You will pay for your entries online at the time of entry and you will be taken to the payment page when you click the Submit button at the foot of the entry form. This may take a few seconds, so please be patient. Please note that Pre nomination fees are non - refundable due to its include the vost of 2 persons entry to the award ceremony with entitle to networking dinner.

What does the entry fee cover?

The entry / Pre nomination fee covers the administrative costs involved in checking entries and the bona fides of the organizations that enter; collating all entries; convening the judging panels; supervising the judging process and events; administering the voting procedure; compiling the shortlist of finalists and the awards presentation materials etc. Pre Nomination fee includes the entry confirmation to the award ceremony for 2 persons with Gala dinner. Each nominee / applicants must be paid Pre nomination fee separately for each category of application.

How to pay

When you complete your Tourism Awards 2017 entry / Pre nomination form, you will be taken to the payment gateway page, where you will be able to pay for your respective entry by using any recognized credit or debit card / or an online banking.

Multiple entries

Nominee / Applicant may also apply for the multiple awards category, where they have more than one project or initiative they wish to be considered. Pre Nomination fees are only applicable to each category where applicants wish to apply, so each entry of category awards for Pre nomination the fees will be applicable for each entry. For each multiple entries Pre nomination fees should be respectively payable online.